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Custom-tailored SDL Programs for Businesses

Are you wasting material in your current process of making SDLs? Do you feel that production is slower than it should be at applying SDLs? Ready to add Vinyl Simulated Divided Lites to your production line? With over 20+ years of experience, we are equipped to help you streamline your already existing SDL production or get started.



As an extrusion company, we make our SDLs from the same powder compounds as vinyl windows; we do not cut our products out of 4 x 8 sheets.


Once we get you set up, we stick around! Training your people is something we offer and enjoy doing, and we will stay as long as needed.


Material handling and choosing the right equipment are important to production; we are constantly looking for a better ways to improve.


Tricks don’t have to be shortcuts. Applying SDLs takes experience and skill. Not having the right training could spell trouble in the field.


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