SDL Fabrication Systems

Choosing the right fabrication system is one of the most important decisions when thinking about production. We offer two machines, each designed to meet different production needs.

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Each machine is user friendly, productive and – more importantly – affordable! We love giving free, no-obligation walkthroughs of our facility.

We provide services and products to other Simulated Divided Lite manufacturers!

We offer the choice of two systems plus a copy process, all of which make adding SDL to your product line affordable. Systems include the VINYL LITE MAGNUM and LOCLITE.

Vinyl Lite Magnum SDL System

The Vinyl Lite Magnum is not just a machine – it’s a complete system and a unique process for fabricating SDLs. No one else has a machine like it! The Magnum was designed to give manufacturers the ability to produce their own SDLs rather than outsourcing pre-fabricated kits.

Prepare SDL Orders Ahead of your Production Window

The Magnum’s computer system has the ability to store all of your grid patterns with customizable file names. With a touch of the screen, the operator can find the file names using the 10″ tablet. There are many optional add-ons to enhance production efficiency. Our most popular option and a must-have is the label printer. The printer gives you the ability to create labels with size, configuration, job and order information on each SDL bar as it is produced.

Loclite SDL System

The LocLite system allows you to make SDLs to the exact measurements and grid configurations you need and ensures a perfectly straight intersection between the vertical and horizontal SDL each time. LocLite is a very efficient system and is ideal for those who like fitted intersections.

SDL Copying Process

For lower production needs or for custom window manufacturers the Coping process is a perfect choice. This allows you to apply the SDL grid to the window one piece at a time, fitting each SDL as you go. Applying SDLs to the window this way is very quick with minimal waste. Applying SLDs on the job site can be difficult. Coping makes the application process much easier, especially for service-related issues like broken glass or incorrect lite patterns.