Manufacturing Simulated Divided Lites for the Window & Door Industry

Vinyl Lite Technology offers a complete line of Simulated Divided Lites (SDL), fabricating equipment, and training. It also offers consultation services to help fabricators and other manufacturers reduce SDL costs and create more efficient systems and processes.
We stick around!

We sell to the manufacturer as well as to the window and door dealer!

If you’re in the SDL business – or if you’re thinking about getting into it – then we would love to work with you, regardless of whether you’re selling directly to consumers or simply applying and wholesaling SDLs.

Integration. Fabrication. Application.

Is it time to offer SDLs to your customers but you’re not sure about integrating SDLs into production? Are you wasting material in your current process of making SDLs? Do you feel that production is slower than it should be at applying SDLs?

Add SDLs to your product line

We help reduce your costs and improve your systems and processes.

SDL Products

Our most popular products are kept in stock and come in several measurement and style profiles. We offer a choice of over 30 colors, including wood grain options.

No-obligation facility walkthrough

We offer a complete line of SDLs, fabricating equipment, and training.

Expert Consultations

We offer consultations services for manufacturers as well as for window and door dealers that already apply SDLs in-house, helping to reduce costs, and to help those businesses create more efficient systems and processes. We also help new businesses start off on the right foot.