Custom Extrusion Manufacturing

Servicing individuals and businesses with precision dimensions, intricate designs, and unique materials. We can extend a product line or compliment existing in-house production.

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List of Common Extrusion Materials

At Vinyl Lite Technology, we take pride in offering a wide range of top-quality extrusion materials. Our commitment to excellence enables us to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

1. Vinyl Extrusions:
Our vinyl extrusions are engineered to perfection, providing exceptional strength, flexibility, and resistance to environmental elements. With various color options and finishes available, you can customize your simulated divided lites to suit any architectural style.

2. Aluminum Extrusions:
Most often used in panels, rails, housings, and chassis.

3. Fiberglass Extrusions:
Fiberglass is durable and lightweight, making it perfect for electrical insulators, structural components, etc.

4. Woodgrain Extrusions:
For a touch of natural beauty, our woodgrain extrusions provide a striking visual appeal. Offering the authenticity of real wood without the maintenance, these extrusions perfectly mimic the texture and warmth of woodgrain, adding charm to any simulated divided lites.

5. Cellular PVC Extrusions:
Cellular PVC extrusions offer exceptional durability and resistance to moisture, making them an excellent choice for applications requiring low maintenance and longevity.